Keshanna Sterling

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What do you do? Company, Job Title, or LinkedIn Headline.

MDL Group

Quick! TikTok or Instagram?


Hook us up! Which places are you loving for takeout/delivery?

Legends Oyster Bar and Grill – Jambalya me up please!!

Fun in Quarantine Times? What are some ways you’re making lemonade from lemons?

I’m doing my best Timbaland/Dr. Dre impressions and teaching myself how to produce music. Oh and I wrote a short poetry book.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Complacency is dangerous. Risk is liberating. Liberate yourself!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Asade Fries

What is the app you wish someone would invent?

MeetInTheMiddle – An app where it suggests date locations that are “in the middle” between you and the person you’re meeting up with.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Crazy, Sexy, Cool

What is your favorite thing about LVIMA?

Being around like-minded individuals.