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Content Chair

My career has been built around my talent of using design to bring both marketing and strategic solutions to life.

Working for some of the best print and digital companies in the world has given me exposure to an incredible amount of training, resources and products. With this knowledge and personal commitment, I have earned the responsibility to perform in an agency type setting; acting as the trusted advisor for both local and national brands. I have developed and transformed concepts into a beautiful message, and delivered results for these clients’ brands.

As the print world has shrunk, my digital acumen has flourished. My skills have sharpened. Growing with the industry, I have successfully created new business opportunities, listening to the needs of the business, and developing strategic web based solutions to advance client goals and objectives. Being a part of some of the most forward thinking media companies in the country has allowed me the advantage of learning the latest technologies. I have unearthed new tools and developed nascent approaches to deliver winning results for our clients.

Throughout this entire journey, I have held two sentiments in great esteem: I am only as good as the people around me, and; the best way to improve oneself, is to make those around you better. To that end I have focused on being a leader in every roll that I hold. I have experienced the highs and lows of leadership, the thrill of exceeding expectations and the sting of learning from a failed effort. In this I have learned to lead by example, carry those who need help when it is needed, and lean on those who can help when my resources are stretched too thin.

I don’t believe that my story is unheard of, but I do think it is exceptional. If you would like to hear about the details, and share some of my ideas on how we can create results, let’s meet.