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LVIMA Advisor

President – Digital Talent Guide

I’ve been a part of digital almost since the beginning, helping great media companies and platforms meet the needs of brands and agencies. Throughout my career, I’ve been told that I have a real knack for finding exactly the right opportunities for companies and individuals. The secret, I think, is to understand both the stated and unstated needs of each. Companies and people really are unique, and the right match always exists if both are clear about what they each have to offer. It is then that a network and an expert can uncover a great fit.

My national network of brand, agency, sales, marketing and ad operations connections is based on years of personal experience in the digital trenches. I possess a deep understanding of the fast and furious rate of change continually sweeping our industry, and I stay connected to people who dedicate their professional careers to the growth and maturation of the digital media market.