At-Work Ditch Day Recap

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LVIMA’s first ever field trip, “At-Work Ditch Day” made a big splash in the Colorado River last week. It was LVIMA’s first event held outside of Las Vegas and with the exception of the sunburn still fresh on our shoulders; it was a perfect summer day trip. The sun was shining, the river was brisk, the jet-skis were fast.

Instead of a typical Thursday in the office, members had a variety of things to do on the beach at Davis Camp. Whether they were lounging on the beach, swimming in the water, or chatting with other members, everyone had a great time and we have the photographs to prove it.

A special thanks to our sponsors who made this event possible as well as a thank you to the Chi-town Hustler for providing LVIMA members with delectable food right along the river. The At-Work Ditch Day was an awesome time next year will be even bigger. Enjoy the rest of your summer!