2020 Digital Technology and Planning Day(s)

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Welcome to our recap of Digital Technology and Planning Day!

The Event Description

Look for links to the replays next to each sponsor below.

We’ll be Zooming from the comfort of our couches, kitchens or WFH desks. Grab some lunch and settle in for 60 minutes of awesome conversation with top marketing minds.

Are you ready?! We are! In partnership with the “Lucky 7,” we have 3-days of awesome content and knowledge for you to consume in 1-hour bites.

Tuesday through Thursday, we want to spend our virtual lunch hour with YOU. Each day, from 12pm – 1pm, our DTPD Sponsors – Quantcast, Causal IQ, GumGum, REQ, Undertone, Simpli.fi and Zeta – will be dropping knowledge via Zoom.

In true LVIMA, we have MANY fun surprises up our sleeves. Will Rishad be back? A celebrity appearance? Swag Bags? Crazy awesome prizes? Well… you only get to find out if you RSVP!

THEN, because we miss your faces, we’ll be having Virtual Cocktails (thanks to Digiliant!) on Thursday, July 30.

This Year, We Will Have 3 Virtual Events and A Virtual Happy Hour

  • July 28: 12pm – 1pm – Virtual Session
  • July 29: 12pm – 1pm – Virtual Session
  • July 30: 12pm – 1pm – Virtual Session
  • July 30: 5pm – 6pm – Virtual Cocktail Hour

We’re ready. Are you?  RSVP TODAY

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Our Speakers and Topics – TUESDAY


Watch The Replay HERE

Brooke Bengier

Head of Product Specialists – Quantcast

Covid & The Consumer: 125 Days of Real-Time U.S. Behavior Changes

Join Brooke Bengier, Head of Product Specialists at Quantcast, as she discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically overturned previously held truths about consumer behavior and purchasing habits for a wide range of industries. She will explore Quantcast insights on the first 125 days of the pandemic, diving into the changing consumer mindset week by week, unlocking the power of audience insights to inform smart marketing strategies.

Causal IQ

Watch the Replay HERE

Brett Peterson

Senior Sales Director – Causal IQ

The Crumbling Cookie: Preparing for a Cookie-less Future

Shana Atwood

Director of Strategic Planning at Causal IQ  

The Crumbling Cookie: Preparing for a Cookie-less Future

Our Speakers and Topics – WEDNESDAY

Our Keynote Speaker

Watch the Replay HERE

Jay Guilford

Meeting the Moment: Three Strategies You Can Immediately Apply to Increase Engagement and Productivity at Work

With disruption in the way businesses operate and dramatic shifts in global economies, today’s teams need resiliency strategies now more than ever.  In this talk, we will uncover behaviors you can immediately apply to weather current storms.  Beyond merely surviving the gale, these strategies help you harness the power of these turbulent winds in ways that bolster personal fortitude while enhancing company culture, productivity and engagement.

Jay’s Bio

Jay once worked with a bunch of clowns.  Literally.  A few years ago, Jay ran away with Cirque du Soleil.  At Cirque, Jay led the design of Cirque’s corporate training and team building sessions.  Currently, Jay is President and Founder of CoWorks Leadership Strategists.  At CoWorks, Jay offers training on diversity and cultural sensitivity.  Jay and team host a series of workshops to help leaders issue better feedback, manage conflict and increase resilience.

Jay has had the good great fortune of working with several top-performing companies including Google, Uber, The Empire State Building R&R Partners, Mastercard, NHL, Club Med Punta Cana, Kmart Australia, and SAB Miller Brewery Latin America.

Jay’s goal is to improve the way managers lead and team members interact.  His mission is to build a world where work is not just a means to an end, but a source of inspiration, transformation, and interpersonal growth.  For more information, Jay’s website is www.coworkslead.com


Watch the Replay HERE

Laura Salant

Managing Director & Chief Storyteller, Insights Consultancy, Undertone

Activating Right Brain Connections

Zeta Global

Watch the Replay HERE

Lauren Reynolds

Director, Strategic Sales – Zeta Global

People Based Marketing in a Cookie-less World

Ron Sadi

Vice President, Data Cloud – Zeta Global

People Based Marketing in a Cookie-less World

Our Speakers and Topics – THURSDAY


Watch the Replay HERE

 Ben Plomion

Chief Growth Officer of GumGum

Better Suitable than Sorry: Why brand safety is failing and what you can do about it


Watch the Replay HERE

David McBee

Director of Training – Simpli.fi

Addressable Targeting. Freshness & Flexibility Matter


Watch the Replay HERE

Justin Cohen

Executive Vice President – REQ

Brand Storytelling

Cortney Clardy

Account Director at REQ

Brand Storytelling