2011 Summer Bash

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As suspected, the energy was felt throughout our community as over 150 LVIMA members joined in for our BIG SUMMER BASH at Buffalo Wild Wings!  Just like last year, members poured in looking for relief from the heat with ice cold cocktails and the best of gourmet hot wing delicacy!

The evening opened at 6:00pm, with a fun photo booth sponsored by RocketFuel.

The big question on everyone’s mind is “Who won the hotwing eating contest?”  The contest was one of the biggest and most intense we’ve had. The official winner was Rich Bratton from Kayak.  However, Jay Fenster from Caesars Entertainment came in a close second. Unofficially, Jay won for most spirit, as his “fans” were wearing some great, brightly colored “Team Jay” headbands. Regardless, Rich is now enjoying a year’s worth of wings courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings.

Thanks to all the members and sponsors that turned out for Thursday’s event!  We’re looking forward to Digital World Expo in September!

See you soon!

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