S1 E3: Rishad in the House!

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Fresh off his visit to Las Vegas for the Worldwide Partners conference, we welcome famed author and digital legend Rishad Tabaccowala to the show. 

We get to learn firsthand from Rishad as he covers a broad range of topics and expands on the thoughts brought to the world through his weekly substack newsletter.  Hear his thoughts on the ongoing digital revolution and how agencies and brands can engage with their audience in a meaningful way.  We discuss his recommended habits for curating your learning and seeking the new ideas that will drive digital marketing forward. Listen in on his advice for bringing these new ideas to your organization and how to keep your company focused on the future while not sacrificing the present. 

Check out Rishad’s substack here: https://rishad.substack.com/

About our guest Rishad Tobaccowala

Rishad Tobaccowala is an author, speaker, teacher, and advisor with four decades of experience specializing in helping people, organizations and teams re-invent themselves to remain relevant in changing times. He specializes in unleashing talent and turbo-charging productivity by delivering perspectives, points of view, provocations and plans of action but no PowerPoints!

Rishad’s best-selling book “Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data” was published globally by HarperCollins and focuses on helping people think, feel, and see differently about how to grow their companies, their teams and themselves in transformative times. The Economist Magazine called it perhaps the best recent book on stakeholder capitalism and Strategy Magazine named it among the five best business books and the marketing book of the year. Rishad’s weekly thought-letter, “The Future Does Not Fit in the Containers of the Past” is read by over 25,000 leaders every week across industries and around the world.

About show host Tom Heaton

My career has been built around my talent of using design to bring both marketing and strategic solutions to life.

Working for some of the best print and digital companies in the world has given me exposure to an incredible amount of training, resources, and products. With this knowledge and personal commitment, I have earned the responsibility to perform in an agency-type setting; acting as the trusted advisor for both local and national brands. I have developed and transformed concepts into a beautiful message and delivered results for these clients’ brands.