Lauren Medina

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Company & Title

RR Partners – Programmatic Supervisor

LVIMA Member Since


Where is your favorite place? Why?

Tie between Sitting on a dock in Sandpoint, Idaho and roaming Target with a Starbucks and no kids 🙂

What is your guilty pleasure?

Drinking wine.

What is your favorite quote?

It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice!

iPhone or Android?


If you could pass on words of wisdom to someone in the beginning stages of their career, what would you share with them?

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

How do you balance your personal life and work life?

I don’t – it is impossible with kids 🙂

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Mother, Loyal, Programmatic, Rule-breaker

What is your favorite thing about LVIMA?

Learning from all of the experts around me!