Reflecting on LVIMA’s Digital Technology and Planning Day 2023: A Journey Through AI, CTV, and DEI

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As the curtains closed and the dust settled on LVIMA’s New Frontiers Digital Tech and Planning Day 2023, we couldn’t help but look back on an extraordinary event that explored the latest trends in digital marketing. The annual event taking place in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, brought together a diverse group of pioneers, exploring new possibilities and shaping the future.

Speakers from all over the country took the stage to share their insights with the crowd at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip. The themes focused around three central pillars of AI, CTV and DEI. 

The heart of the event lay in the exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its far-reaching impact. As Las Vegas itself has become a hotbed for AI innovation, attendees were eager to learn about the latest advancements and possibilities in this exciting field.

Throughout the day, attendees were treated to insights from industry experts who shed light on how AI is transforming various sectors. The utilization of AI across DSPs is opening up opportunities to multiply human mindpower, creating learnings from running exponential scenario testing, and offering future possibilities that will benefit us in all aspects of life.

As the event is focused around digital advertising technology, the conversation turned to 

Connected TV (CTV) emerging as another key piece of the future. With the rapid growth of streaming platforms and smart devices, CTV has become an integral part of our entertainment landscape. Attendees were enthralled by discussions about the future of CTV and the opportunities it presents for marketers. We learned how in 2023 streaming subscriber numbers surpassed cable subscribers for the first time, forever changing the landscape of TV advertising. The conversations intrigued the audience with new topics around how CTV audience targeting has been updated, and every day there is new technology launching to bring personalized content and measurement metrics to offer marketers more effective ways of connecting the to the right audience for the best all around consumer experience. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) took center stage during the event with keynote speaker Jorge Hernandez ,Founding Partner + CMO at Majority, 2022 Newcomer and Breakout Agency of the Year. LVIMA has long celebrated the importance of creating an inclusive environment and ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. Jorge illustrated the challenges, the importance and the opportunity that companies receive through the transformation of embracing DEI not as a silo of business, but as a core component of businesses as a whole.  This was brought into everyday terms as we recognized that 70% of Americans fall into a DE&I group.  Jorge delved into the 4 types of innovation that occur in business, incremental, disruptive, architectural, and radical. He emphasized the value to businesses of treating DEI as the innovation that it is, something that should have an influence on all areas of the business.

Discussions emphasized the impact of DEI in driving innovation, enhancing creativity, and fostering empathy within organizations. Attendees left the event with a renewed commitment to championing diversity and making a positive difference in their workplaces and communities.

While AI, CTV, and DEI were at the forefront, LVIMA’s Digital Tech and Planning Day 2023 was equally about connections and inspiration. Attendees were encouraged to interact, share ideas, and form new alliances that would lead to groundbreaking collaborations in the future.

As pioneers in their respective fields, attendees took away valuable learnings that would help them navigate the ever-changing technological landscape. The event served as a catalyst for professional growth, with participants gaining insights that would drive innovation within their companies.

As we bid adieu to the incredible gathering, we recognize that the journey has just begun. The knowledge gained, connections made, and inspiration sparked will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on all who attended.

LVIMA’s commitment to exploring new frontiers and encouraging forward-thinking remains unwavering. The event was a testament to the power of community, diversity, and technological advancement in shaping a better tomorrow.

So, as we eagerly anticipate the next installment of LVIMA’s Digital Tech and Planning Day, we are excited to witness the continued growth of AI, CTV, and DEI – each playing a pivotal role in transforming our world. Until then, let’s carry the spirit of exploration and innovation with us as we continue to make a positive difference in our industries and beyond.