June 2017 Sponsored Breakfast Series – Audience Targeting

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The Topic

Digital marketing provides a wealth of targeting options that traditional marketing could only dream of.  Today, we can target by demographic, location, behavior, product use and more.  Managing audience targeting is not only crucial, it is very difficult without the right tools and intelligence.  Netmining shared the latest in this important area of marketing as well as what to expect going forward.


Event Sponsor

Netmining provides intelligent audience targeting, powered by data and shaped by the best analytical minds in the business. Marketers today have access to more consumer data than ever before.

Netmining develops powerful strategies that unlock the maximum value in data, transforming it into actionable audience intelligence. We believe your marketing should be driven by human insights using data as a tool, not the other way around. This approach creates a deeper understanding of your brand.

The result is your most important audience, delivered. Netmining.  Know Your Audience.  

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