From the LVIMA Team to Our Beloved Las Vegas Community

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We are shocked and saddened by the events in our city last night, and many of us know people who have been personally affected by this tragic event.  

What we also know about Las Vegas is that the city is strong and courageous, and our community is loving and kind.

Our first thoughts are to everyone’s safety and well-being with prayers for all of those affected. To the brave first responders; officers, firefighters, EMT, nurses, doctors, surgeons, we thank you.

LVIMA is getting tons of mail from our friends outside the city wanting to know everyone is safe and asking what help we need.

This is a heartbreaking moment in our community.

The LVIMA Team

How to Help?
A Few Ways to Support

Our tight-knit community has truly shown their kindness.

If you are interested in donating blood, it is recommended you make an appointment before going. Priority is being given to Type O-negative donors, although all donations are welcome.  Learn more here.

Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas Steve Sisolak started a Las Vegas Victims Fund page on GoFundMe, raising money to help the victims.

Official GoFundMe to assist the victims

MGM Resorts International has been sharing on twitter additional requests for various forms of assistance needed. You can follow them here.

For families looking to locate missing loved ones,  please call 1-866-535-5654.