Sponsored Breakfast Series




In response to sponsor-generated requests for additional opportunities to present educational content to our targeted, professional LVIMA audience, we have added a new breakfast series (one per quarter) for the first four sponsors who elect to help fashion this new series.

Your Audience of Brand and Agency Marketers

The audience will be brand and agency decision-makers from the community.  Attendance will be capped at 50 participants to ensure a good dialogue with the audience and the ability to field a hosted discussion/question-and-answer or workshop.

Partner With LVIMA

Work with our team to customize this event for our members.  We work with you to shape the content to fit the needs and concerns of our members.  Our communications team will coordinate messaging through email and social media.  And we will promote your event prominently on our site.  

Single Sponsor Event

These events are only available to our local Las Vegas Marketing Members.  Vendors and other sponsor members are not eligible to attend this event unless as part of the LVIMA team that hosts the event.

This is another great opportunity to make a huge impact for your brand by bringing your own specific research and unique perspective on the market to our  members.

Partner Spotlight Videos