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Change The Way America Grows Small Business.

Faster. Better. Smarter.

Every month over 250,000 new businesses are created in the U.S., and someone’s dream becomes a reality.

Yes, every month!

All too often, without the right people, advice and resources, that reality quickly becomes a nightmare. TheOfficeSquad was created to keep those dreams alive and thriving.

We know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up, and we understand the importance of a good support system.

We combine the precision and discipline of the military with training in the administrative and bookkeeping fields, all while maintaining the understanding and urgency of owning a small business. Unlike other businesses, when we say we can save you money, we mean it!

We show business owners how to maximize productivity and efficiency, while lowering their overhead by providing a complete corporate structure as they need it.

Our mission is to change the way America grows small business.

Let’s do it faster, better and smarter.

Partner Representative


Partner Representative