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We are Nevada’s Only State-Wide Business Incubator and Accelerator!

StartUpNV, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, engages new and experienced entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries and business sectors. As Nevada’s only state-wide business incubator and accelerator, our programs empower startups to take scalable business ideas from concept, through a viable product to revenue and finally, to a scaling and growing business. During this process, we offer the opportunity to secure capital through our partner funds, AngelNV and FundNV, as well as help prepare companies for raising capital from other investors.

StartupNV’s programs include three for founders and startup companies. 

  • GrowNV is our feasibility stage incubation program for companies at pre-beta / pre-revenue stages. GrowNV is free to join, self-paced program that prepares founders to raise capital. Find out more or register for GrowNV.
  • StartUpNV is our viability stage accelerator. Accelerator companies are offered a $50k pre-seed investment thru FundNV – and assistance to raise a six figure seed round within 3-4 months. Interested founders should pitch to us or see more details.
  • AngelNV is our annual 12-week founder boot camp for teaching founders “what angels and investors want” where entrepreneurs learn how to go to market, create compelling pitch decks, raise capital – and at the conclusion, apply for a $200k investment from a group of angels. This is focused toward companies that do not want full time incubation.

Additionally, StartupNV fosters a vibrant and engaged investor community within the great State of Nevada. We have developed two programs to help educate new investors and to help develop the Nevada based investor network.  

  • FundNV: FundNV is a (for-profit) pre-seed fund targeting the “top 20” StartUpNV accelerator companies. Register your interest in a diversified investment in 20+ scalable startups.
  • AngelNV is our hands-on angel investor boot camp & conference. 40 accredited investors invest $5k each and learn how to be effective angel investors with a like-minded group – culminating with a $200k investment in a startup. The investment decision is made by the group collectively. Please click here to find out more.

Through these programs, StartupNV works continuously within our communities to cultivate new ideas and generate self-sustaining and diversified local economies, grow businesses and attract and retain the best talent to Nevada.

Partner Representative


Partner Representative