Client Side Mixer at Sky Villa

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Las Vegas party attendees are notoriously for showing up late to any event. The most recent Las Vegas Internet Marketing Association (LVIMA) event, however, was a different story.

The luxurious Palms Casino Resort Sky Villa quickly filled with guests and the party was on — followed shortly by Danielle Deremo and Erin Levzow leading the charge into the private pool on the private balcony that overlooked The Strip.

Inside the suite — Kickin’ music system? Check. Full bar? Check. Full spread? Check. Vegas’ best and brightest? Hello!

Overheard comments:

Oh! My! God! Becky! Look at her butt!

Oh, wait, sorry. Wrong recap. Let me try again.

OMG! Check out the view from the upstairs bedroom! And our own pool?!
Did you SEE the size of that TV in the other room?!
This closet is bigger than my house!
/stunned silence
Hey! I need to talk to you — we have a fabulous new opportunity that …

While LVIMA events live up to the hype and deliver on location and ambiance, the heart of our mixers is the networking. The opportunity to talk to CEOs, General Managers, VPs and budget holders and decision makers of Las Vegas’ premier companies in an exclusive Sky Villa is priceless. Well, not really — just talk to our membership folks about how to attend the next event.

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