2019 Las Vegas Digital Media Awards Categories and Submissions

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Award Eligibility

Please note that the Las Vegas Digital Media Awards celebrate the great work of members of the Las Vegas Digital Marketing Community. All work entered must be produced by Las Vegas marketers.

The Deadline to Submit Was November 3 –

Award Submissions are now closed. Thank you.

2019 Award Categories

NEW – Best Use of Programmatic Capabilities

Programmatic, AI, DCO. To some, they’re marketing buzzwords, but to us, they make our campaigns run. We want to know how you leveraged a programmatic tool set to make your campaigns efficient and relevant to ensure the right message reached the right audience. From custom set-ups to unique targeting to distinctive messaging along the consumers’ journey, share your most successful campaign(s).

NEW – Best Influencer Campaign

Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Mickey and Minnie. We’re looking for the next best pairings of 2019! We want to see the best use of content collaboration via influencers (celebrity or otherwise).

Best Omni Collaboration

Great stories are made of many pieces. What campaign did you launch this year that you worked across multiple departments and channels – digital, PR, on-property, print, radio, experiential, OOH – and created a WOW experience for your customers at every touch point? To qualify for this category, your campaign must have run across at least 3 mediums.

Best Cause Marketing Campaign

As marketers, the brands we work for and with have the power to use their voices for good. Whether it was supporting a non-profit or advocating against inequalities how did your marketing campaign make a difference in the world?

Best Use of Social Media

Much like Ron Burgundy, social media is kind of a big deal. We bet someone on your team spends a lot of time Snapchatting, Instagram Storying, Tweeting, Pinning, Facebook. Whether it’s a full-blown campaign, a post that was a viral sensation or tapping into Influencers, show us your Best Use of Social Media (organic or paid) from 2019 and everyone will Snapchat while you walk up the stage to claim your gleaming award!

Best Video Campaign

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is video worth 5,000? Whether it was used in paid advertising, on your website, a sensation on social media or an experiment in live video, we want to watch it!

Best Use of Native

 To click or not to click, that is the question. Does your use of native advertising encompass great creative that captures the eye? Does it pair up with content relevant enough to keep the users consuming it? We want to hear about it! Submit your native success stories.

Best Blog

Content is king and we want to see yours! Brand, company or personal, submit your blog for review on overall aesthetic, content and success metrics – whatever you deem those to be!

Shining Star Series

Leadership Excellence “Shining Star”

We all look up to one. This person is highly effective in achieving positive change. This leader helps build bridges among people with differing viewpoints or different backgrounds. They influence strategy and drive innovation. They lead with positivity, encourage “failure” to drive success and learnings. They are a positive role model and mentor to not only their teams, but the company at large. We want to celebrate the heroes who are helping to make us all better people.

The Innovator “Shining Star”

“Did you know Google just released this…?” Every company has a person who seems to be aware of (and excited by) the latest industry trends and innovations. No matter the challenge, they have a digital solution. We’re looking for programmers and web developers — the unsung heroes behind any successful campaign, who use the latest and greatest innovations, tools and tricks to elevate a campaign into the stratosphere of creativity, technology and measurement. Show us your best single example. Share with us the objective and strategy and show us the tactics that made the campaign soar!

Up and Coming “Shining Star”

We all know one. It’s the teammate new to digital that is kicking ass, taking names and running circles around us “net veterans.” Share with us an “Up and Coming” rock star who should be recognized for their awesomeness.

Salesperson “Shining Star”

We all have one. Who’s that Salesperson that you like so much you actually became Facebook friends with them? They’re the ones you not only pick up the phone for, but actually ENJOY talking to. They’re the first partner you go to for advice, when your boss is pushing for something new or to geek out about the industry. This award celebrates the unsung hero that’s behind a marketer’s success.

Account Manager “Shining Star” – Sales

The person “behind the salesperson” that makes it all happen once the deal gets done! There is always that special rock star who stays on top of your campaigns, paying attention to every metric and optimization opportunity, communicates and collaborates effortlessly, and in the end makes YOU a rock star.

Account Manager “Shining Star” – Agency

Your agency is the extension of your internal team and an awesome Account Manager makes all the difference. Who’s your partner in crime that’s on top of all the “to do’s,” bringing those “on point” recommendations to make your campaigns sing, communicates and collaborates effortlessly, and in the end makes YOU a rock star.

Partner Spotlight Videos