Top Five Reasons To Sponsor LVIMA Events:

  1. Sponsorship dollars directly fund the ongoing networking, educational, and social events that keep the LVIMA members engaged and on top of all the exciting and ongoing industry changes.
  2. Sponsorship dollars enable local qualified LVIMA members to attend the events for free. Companies who support LVIMA with paid seller memberships and sponsor memberships are recognized by local members as contributing to their growth and development.
  3. The exchange of sponsor support for free attendance by qualified local LVIMA members has resulted in a strong representation and event attendance of both junior and senior members of the agency, brand, creative and PR community. Las Vegas, with this unique IMA strength, contributed more brand respondents to the national IMAA survey than any other market (15 national IMAs participated).
  4. The local digital marketing community encompasses both AdTech and MarTech members and reflects the changing nature of our business.
  5. LVIMA has branched out to include local charitable work as well as a program to attract junior members who are recent graduates to ensure a better career path for smart young people into our industry and to aid the ongoing recruitment efforts of our local digital marketing companies.


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