Digital Planning Day


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The afternoon provides ten sponsor/presenters a 10-minute slot each.  The LVIMA Board helps curate the information to highlight capabilities and thought leadership that we know our members will use.  For LVIMA members, this is an afternoon filled with information and insights – curated to hone in on the particular Las Vegas marketing challenges.

Digital Planning Day saves both sellers and buyers many hours of future meeting times, and the afternoon of presentations shines the spotlight on those sellers who are investing time, research and dollars to showcase their company’s research and unique offerings.

At the end of the day, both audience and presenters gather for food and drink and conversation.    

Presentation Slot – $4000

Presenters speak directly to active buyers and digital decision-makers just as they are approaching the busy fall planning season.

Partner presenter – $10,500

Be a featured speaker.  Collaborate with the LVIMA team to set the panel topic and direction, and host the cocktail party afterwards.       

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Featured Speaker, Partner Presenter