2018 Digital Technology & Planning Day



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Las Vegas is well-known for our unique ability to mix business with pleasure, and LVIMA is right in step!
Digital Technology & Planning Day is one of our favorite events for sponsors! The event is a unique blend of education, enlightenment and then, of course, embibement (o.k., we do know it is spelled imbibement but that didn’t work as well 😊).
This year, we’ve evolved the programming to incorporate the technology side of marketing + shortened the content portion from 10 presenters to 8 to ensure the spotlight is on YOUR CONTENT.  

Content Co-Sponsor – $6,500 – SOLD OUT

1 Available – Be our event co-sponsor.

Presentation Co-Sponsor – $4,000 – SOLD OUT

8 Available – presenters speak directly to active buyers and digital decision-makers just as they approach the busy fall planning season.

Cocktail Co-Sponsor – $4,000 – SOLD OUT

1 Available – Host the cocktail party that follows the event’s content.     

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Content Co-Sponsor, Presentation Co-Sponsor, Cocktail Co-Sponsor

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