2008 Event Archives

4/10/08 - "Meet the Playas"5/15/08 - "Behavioral Bustle"6/19/08 - "Fixer Mixer"7/24/08 - "Viral Idol"8/21/08 - "Media Mantra"10/6/08 - "Mobile Madness"11/20/08 - "Annual Awards"  … [Read more...]

Executive Breakfast @ DWXPO

9/27/2012The first Executive Breakfast was held during Digital World Expo inside Pearl at the Palms Casino Resort.  The session was designed to exhibit some of today's leading digital media products and companies along with what's to come.  Presentations were delivered by HipCricket, … [Read more...]

2015 Digital Planning Day Photos

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2015 Digital Planning Day!In keeping with the LVIMA mission to provide both educational and networking resources to local digital marketing professionals, we are very proud to have hosted the July 16th Digital Planning Day sessions. … [Read more...]

2010 Event Archives

4/22/10 - Annual "Kickoff Mixer"5/27/10 - "Performance Marketing"6/17/10 - "Social Media Social"7/15/10 - "Video Vibe Mixer"9/30/10 - "New Media Planning"10/21/10 - "Mobile Scavenger Hunt"12/9/10 - "Annual Digital Media Awards"  … [Read more...]

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